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Partner for Success

Partner for Success is our faith-based mentoring program designed                specifically to help men and women who are currently incarcerated make a smooth transition back into society.  This program requires a minimum         commitment of one year.  The         participant is matched with a mentor and a church that works with the     participant to establish a plan of action for reentry back into the community and a plan of action for their future.

Partner for Success focuses on immediate and long term goals. Statistics show that successful completion of a mentoring program, such as Partner for Success, correlates to a higher  success rate for staying out of jail or prison.


Project Makeover

Project Makeover is our crisis   management program for those     recently released who need assistance with basic needs such as food, clothing, employment, and housing.

Project Makeover is specifically  designed to help those previously  incarcerated successfully integrate back into society. The program      focuses on the skills needed to make the necessary changes that will last a lifetime.


Alpha Houses (Future Program)

Alpha House, is a transitional  housing  program in conjunction with our mentoring program, Partner for Success, which offers a faith-based  structured living environment for those who are serious about staying out of jail or prison and willing to do what is necessary to succeed.  Alpha House offers  the perfect transition from jail or prison back into the community.  Residents live in affordable housing and are required to maintain      employment, and be accountable to fellow residents, their mentors, their faith community, and BAAP leadership.

According to the Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, “...research shows that housing is critical to preventing jail and prison recidivism.  Ex-offenders have    barriers to housing and employment which place them at high risk of homelessness.”

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